About Us

Camp Northstar is a 501(c)(3) organization and is completely funded through donations and community support. Camp Northstar was founded in 1998 by a small group of individuals wanting to provide a new and unique camping experience for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Camp Northstar’s mission is to provide persons with developmental disabilities, both overnight, day and weekend camping experiences that combine athletic, recreational and social activities intended to enrich their lives and increase their life skills. Camp Northstar provides athletic training emphasizing fun and the joy of sports and leisure as well as the development of new skills and teamwork

Camp Northstar provides opportunities for campers to develop their creativity, confidence and social interaction skills through workshops and activities. The range of activities also promotes the physical, social and emotional development of each camper so they may become more independent, productive members of the community.

About Us

“Camp Northstar… a unique camping experience for children and adults with developmental disabilities: serving the Long Island community since 1998.”

From the inception of Camp, camp has been staffed and run 100% by volunteers and campers and families have never been charged to attend camp. The Camp programs consist of a week long sleep away camp as well as respite and family weekends. Camp Northstar is located at Camp Quinipet on Shelter Island. Each year Camp Northstar receives a permit to operate from the NY State Department of Health.